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Downtown Atlanta

• Atlanta Georgia
[Dec 2, 2022]

Atlanta Georgia is one of the oldest communities in America, and has a population of approximately of 130,000 in the Atlanta area. There are approximate 13,000 Orthodox Jews which accounts for 10%, 15% are Conservative, and nearly 30% are Reform. The...

Downtown Austin

• Austin Texas
[Nov 15, 2022]

Austin the capital of Texas now has an estimated population of 14,000 Jewish residents, as well as 4,000 Jewish students attending Universiies and Colleges in the city. Since the 1990s Austin's Jewish population has grown by 400%, however, the orthod...

Aerial View of Boca Suburbs

• Boca Raton Jewish Community
[Nov 15, 2022]

Boca Raton Florida is located just north of Fort Lauderdale, in Palm Beach County. Boca Raton's Jewish community has grown in the last 30 years. Today Boca Raton has one of the fastest-growing Jewish communities in Florida, and perhaps in the USA as ...

Boynton Beach, FL

• Boynton Beach Jewish Community
[Nov 15, 2022]

Boynton Beach is worth the look especially if you still want to get a deal on a home. Anshei Chessed, an Orthodox Ashkenaz synagogue, and Chabad Lubavitch of Greater Boynton Beach, an Orthodox outreach Center within a very short distance of each othe...

Chabad of Coconut Creek

• Coconut Creek
[Aug 24, 2022]

Coconut Creek is located just west of the Florida Turnpike and nestled between Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Margate, and Parkland. The community is relatively small compared to its neighbors, but like its neighbors and all ofSouth Florida, communiti...

Chabad Campus in Cooper City

• Cooper City Jewish Community
[Aug 11, 2021]

Cooper City, in Davie, Florida, nestled between The Sawgrass Expressway the Florida Turnpike and 10-15 minutes west of the Jewish community in Hollywood and just north of Pembroke Pines, another smaller Jewish community with a traditional modern orth...

Downtown Dallas

• Dallas Texas
[Oct 20, 2022]

Dallas Texas is home to approximately 5,000 Jewish residents and has the second-largest Jewish population in Texas. Dallas has a Jewish Federation and JCC which helps support local Jewish organizations and schools. There are several synagogues includ...

Boynton Beach, FL

• Delray Beach Jewish Community
[Nov 15, 2022]

Delray Beach, Florida is located just north of Boca Raton has a trendy downtown and a number of retirement communities. In recent years as Boca Raton's real estate pricing and available land for development disappearing expensive communities like Sev...

Aerial view of Hollywood FL

• Hollywood Florida Jewish Communities
[Sep 7, 2022]

Hollywood, Florida – close to both Miami and Downtown Fort Lauderdale, makes it a great location for people who commute to work or are looking for a well-established Jewish community in South Florida. Hollywood’s Jewish community, with synagogues, ko...

United Orthodox Synagogue

• Houston Texas
[Sep 6, 2022]

Houston, Texas has a population of approximately 30,000 Jewish residents making it the city with the largest Jewish population center in the state of Texas, Dallas currently is at 20,000, San Antonio 7,000, and El Paso and Fort Worth at nearly 5,000...

Jacksonville Jewish Community

• Jacksonville
[Jul 24, 2022]

Jacksonville, Florida is located on the Atlantic coast and Tip of Florida. According to the Encylopedia of Southern Jewish Communities, there are an estimated 13,000 Jews currently living in the Jacksonville area. The weather in Jacksonville is coole...

Las Vegas Strip

• Las Vegas Jewish Community
[Dec 13, 2022]

Orthodox Jews have been living in Las Vegas for some time now. The Jewish community continues to grow, despite the distance to the nearest large Jewish population center Los Angeles. Typically Jewish communities are found near major cities like New Y...

Chabad of Inverrary

• Inverrary in Lauderhill Florida
[Nov 15, 2022]

Long before Montoya Circle and before most Jewish communities in Broward and Palm Beach, there was Inverrary. Located in Broward County between Boca Raton and Hollywood is the Jewish community of Inverary. Chabad of Inerarry is the largest orthodox s...

Memphis Tennessee

• Memphis
[Oct 25, 2022]

Memphis may be known for Elvis Presley's House, but what most people don't realize the Jewish community dates back to the 1800s. Tennessee has an estimated Jewish population of 22,800, most of them living in the Memphis area. The population has seen ...

B'nai Israel Congregation

• Norfolk
[Dec 5, 2022]

Norfolk is known as a Navy Town, but it's also the home of a growing Orthodox Jewish community in Virginia. Perhaps because there are no nearby Jewish communities, Virginia Beach is considered by some as part of the community, even though it's 17 mil...

Downtown Orlando

• Orlando and Surrounding Areas
[Jun 2, 2022]

Orlando, Florida, is located in Central Florida three hours North of Miami. Miami and much of South Florida is hotter in the summer and gets much more rainfall than Orlando. In the winter Orlando is slightly colder, especially in the evenings, than S...

Richmond Viriginia

• Richmond Virginia
[Dec 13, 2022]

Richmond Virginia is not the first place you'd think of moving to when looking for a small Jewish community. Yet this vibrant community, with a small Orthodox Jewish population continues to grow. With low-cost housing and generous school subsidies th...

Downtown Tampa

• Tampa/Tampa Bay
[Nov 20, 2022]

The west coast of Florida is known for beautiful sunsets, clear water, and warmer water in the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is attracting financial and tech companies like Chase Bank, so the jobs are already there. Located about three hours west from South...

Teaneck, NJ

• Teaneck New Jersey - Perfectly Situated
[Sep 17, 2021]

Teaneck, New Jersey, is an established community in Northern New Jersey. Teaneck is in North Jersey just West of the George Washington Bridge connecting New York City and New Jersey. The Jewish community has plenty of schools, synagogues, kosher rest...


• Vancouver
[Dec 31, 2022]

Vancouver, British Columbia which is located in Canada of course, is the third most populous Jewish community in Canada. Toronto, Ontario, followed by Montreal, Quebec which are one and two respectively the top two. The official language of British C...

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