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Houston Texas

United Orthodox Synagogue
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Houston, Texas has a population of approximately 30,000 Jewish residents making it the city with the largest Jewish population center in the state of Texas, Dallas currently is at 20,000, San Antonio 7,000, and El Paso and Fort Worth at nearly 5,000 each.

There are plenty of Synagogues in the Houston area, Chabad alone has nearly eleven "Chabad Centers" in and around Houston. There are five orthodox synagogues, two Sephardic orthodox synagogues, and five conservative synagogues as well as other Reform and Egalterian houses of worship in the Houston area. The largest orthodox synagogue, United Orthodox Synagogues, has an eruv and mikvah. There is an eruv in Southwest Houston that includes the Young Israel of Houston, the Kollel of Houston Torah Center , Heimish, Torah Day School of Houston, Congregation Beth Rambam, Judaism in Houston (Chabad), and Ahavas Yisroel.

Local Jewish schools include Yeshivat Torat Emet (orthodox), Torah Day School of Houston (orthodox), The Emery/Weiner School (progressive and pluralist), and the Shlenker School (conservative/refrom), Robert M Beren Academy, and Beth Yeshurun Day School (orthodox).

Kosher restaurants span the gammut of taste buds, but after all this is Texas, so don't look for too much in the way of Vegan or Vegetarian restaurants. The Kosher restaurants in Houston include Israeli and Meditteranean, Sushi, Asian, a Steakhouse as well as others. Currently there is one kosher grocery and cafe, and there are two local supermarkets carry kosher deli, sushi, as well as kosher meats and prepared foods.

Museums in Houston include the The Holocaust Museum, Museum of Natural Science, Museum of Fine Arts, Contemporary Fine Arts, Houston Space Center, the Children's Museum, plus more than forty more. Entertainment in Houston includes many indoor trampoline parks, the Aquarium, a water park, and event a retro amuzement park on the "Boardwalk".

Houston is a major US city with major highways passing through. Just to the South of the Houston Eruv in the Sam Houston Tollway, to the West Interstate 69, and to the Northwst Interstate 670. Three commercial airports serve the Houston area, George Bush Intercontinental Airport is approximately one hours drive from the communities in the Eruv. West Houston Airtport is approximately 40 minutes, and Ellington Airport is approximately 30 minutes.

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Random Local Jewish Listings in Houston

Bali Sushi   0
9804 Hillcroft St
InternetGet Directions1-832-275-3578
Description: Kosher Japanese Cuisine. Featuring Party Platters, Specialty Rolls & more for events and parties.
Last Reported Active: Oct 29, 2020
Batya's Creations   0
7531 Quail Meadow Dr
InternetGet Directions1-786-838-6128
Description: Therapeutic Art Workshops & acrylic painting classes. Great for parties or events. Visit South Florida during the winter.
Last Reported Active: Oct 27, 2021
Dr. Bella Schanzer, Baylor College Psych   0
1977 Butler Blvd
Get Directions1-646-228-9038
Description: Psychiatry. Baylor College Psychiatry Clinic.
Last Reported Active: Jul 17, 2020
Jumbo Judaica of Texas   0
Shomer Shabbos 
11000 Fondren Rd
InternetGet Directions1-713-774-7704
Description: Kosher Cookbooks, Candles, Talis, Tzitzis, prayer books, kippahs, and more.
Last Reported Active: Jul 6, 2022
Jerry's Artarama - Houston   0
2201 Taylor St
InternetGet Directions1-832-516-6857
Description: Craft store
Last Reported Active: Jan 18, 2021

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