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Norfolk Jewish Community

B'nai Israel Congregation

Norfolk is known as a Navy Town, but it's also the home of a growing Orthodox Jewish community in Virginia. Perhaps because there are no nearby Jewish communities, Virginia Beach is considered by some as part of the community, even though it's 17 miles away.

Norfolk has Jewish orthodox schools including Toras Chaim School an elementary school, Yehivas Aish Kodesh a yeshiva high school for boys, and Bina High School for Girls. The orthodox synagogue, the epicenter of the community, B'nai Israel Congregation has a community eruv and a Mikvot. Another Orthodox elementary school Toras Chaim School is located 15 minutes away in neighboring Portsmouth. There is a Chabad in Norfolk, Chabad of Tidewater, which has services on Shabbat and Sunday mornings. The community also has a thriving Kollel, The Norfolk Kollel. The community also contains conservative and reform houses of worship.

If you're looking for kosher, there are some packaged meat products and food, and even Cholov Yisroel available at local supermarkets. Fran's Kosher Deli, recently opened and Mr. Shwarma, listed as kosher, is no longer kosher certified. There's a kosher cafe at the JCC, and kosher certified ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery, yogurt at The Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar (see list for items certitified), chocolates and candies at Edible Arrangements. If bagels are your passion, uncut bagels are available at Yorgo's Bageldashery (see kosher list.)

Interstate Highway I64 which connects to I564, I664, and I264 allows for easy travel to neighboring areas. Norfolk International Airport is located fifteen minutes from the Jewish community; the local Amtrak station is only eight minutes away. Locally there is the Atlantic Fun Park, in Virginia Beach (summers) and Ocean Breeze water park (summers). There are many smaller family entertainment venues scattered throughout the area. Busch Gardens Williamsburg is located 1-hour northeast, and Kings Dominion in Doswell is just under two hours northeast of the city just outside of Richmond. There are plenty of museums and naval bases scattered throughout the area. For the Civil War buffs, there are museums and battlefields to visit from the Civil War.

Neighboring Jewish communities include Richmond (under 2 hours), Baltimore (4 hours), Jacksonville (5 hours), Knoxville (8 hours), and Atlanta (8 hours).

Virginia Beach, VA

A popular summer destination, Virginia Beach has some Jewish permanent residents few are Orthodox. There is a Chabad, JCC, Sterlitz International Academy with a pre-school and elementary school up to 5th grade. The JCC also has a kosher cafe, one of the only kosher places to eat in this part of Virginia. The Cardo Cafe serves breakfast and lunch menu and is certified kosher by the Local Chabad, Chabad Virginia Beach.

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Not Certified As Kosher Open Shabbat/Shabbos
725 W 21st St
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Description: Middle eastern food. Open 7 days a week.No longer kosher certified.
Last Reported Active: Dec 5, 2022
Yehivas Aish Kodesh   0
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B'nai Israel Mikvah   0
Shomer Shabbos 
417 Washington Park
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Description: Located on the campus of B?nai Israel Synagogue. Men's and women's mikvas. Appointment required 48 hours in advance.
Last Reported Active: Dec 5, 2022
Yorgo's Bageldashery   0
2123 Colonial Ave
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Description: This location is listed because it is certified kosher. Uncut Bagels, Bialy's, Challah, and Hamentashen (seasonal) are certified kosher.
Last Reported Active: Jul 9, 2023
The Skinny Dip Frozen Yogurt Bar   0
1619 Colley Ave
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Description: Frozen Yogurt. Listed because this location is certified kosher. Not all locations are certified kosher. See certification for products covered.
Last Reported Active: Jul 9, 2023

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