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Vancouver Jewish Community

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Vancouver, British Columbia which is located in Canada of course, is the third most populous Jewish community in Canada. Toronto, Ontario, followed by Montreal, Quebec which are one and two respectively the top two. The official language of British Columbia is English, and the Jewish community has a long history (since 1872) in this North American city. Like many large cities in North America, most of the Jews are not orthodox, but the community does have a large growing presence. The community recently created Torah West, an organization that seeks to recruit more orthodox Jews to move into Vancouver's Jewish community.

Congregation Schara Tzedeck Synagogue, is the oldest orthodox synagogue in Vancouver and features a Mikvah for women, men, and keilim. Theres is also an eruv for the community to carry on Shabbat. Other orthodox synagogues include Chabad at the University of British Columbia, the Community Kollel, and in nearby Richmond The Bayit which also has a women's mikvah. Kosher Check, the local kosher certification agency is active in the community, and there are a number of establishments and manufacturers that receive kosher certification. Jewish schools in Vancouver include Vancouver Hebrew Academy, VTT Vancouver Talmud Torah and King David High School.

The community also has a kosher Nursing Home and Rehab Center, Louis Brier Home & Hospital which has a rabbi that certifies the kosher at the facility. For young Jewish professionals there is Axis Vancouver and it is affiliated with the local JCC.

Kosher food includes Omnitsky Kosher a deli and kosher market, Kosher Experience, for Vegetarians and people who like falafel, Cafe FortyOne, Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine which is located at the JCC, and Sabra Kosher Restaurant & Bakery. Bakeries and takeout catering include Garden City Bakery and Chef Menjem Catering.

In nearby Victoria there is a Chabad which has recently arranged for limited kosher to the island at the The Bikery (Located on Vancouver Island inside the Victoria Public Market).

Vancouver is not in "Yenems Velt" (Yiddish for in the middle of nowhere), it is only 2-1/2 hours out of Seattle, Washington by car. There are plenty of Seaplane tours for tourists as well as gorgious parks, skiing, the Vancouver Aquarium, and plenty of boat excursions, after all, Vancouver sits on the water. Vancouver International Airport is only 15 minutes from the Jewish community. Most people get around by foot, bike, and public transportation which includes the "SkyTrain". Amtrak serves Vancouver with stops in Washington and Oregon. Besides the Trans-Canada Highway, there are a number of highways to other parts of Canada and the United States of America.

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Omnitsky Kosher Deli

Random Selection of Jewish Listings in vancouver

King David High School   0
Shomer Shabbos 
5718 Willow St
InternetGet Directions1-604-263-9700
Description: Co-ed Jewish high school.
Last Reported Active: Dec 29, 2022
The Perfect Bite   0
Shomer Shabbos 
998 W 26th Ave
InternetGet Directions1-604-325-9132
Description: Catering, takeout, and prepared foods as well as over ready dishes. Sushi on Wednesdays. Dairy and Meat prepared disches to go, including pastries and dips. Located at the VTT Vancouver Talmud Torah
Last Reported Active: Dec 29, 2022
Sabra Kosher Restaurant & Bakery   0
Shomer Shabbos 
3844 Oak St
InternetGet Directions1-604-733-4912
Description: Kosher bakery and Glatt Kosher restaurant.
Last Reported Active: Dec 29, 2022
Nava Creative Kosher Cuisine @ JCC   0
Shomer Shabbos 
950 W 41st Ave Ste 200
InternetGet Directions1-604-676-7579
Description: Cafe located at the JCC. Also provides local catering.
Last Reported Active: Dec 20, 2022
Chef Menjem Catering   0
Shomer Shabbos 
5750 Oak St
InternetGet Directions1-604-440-2259
Description: Morrocan and Isreali favorites. Vegetarian options are available. Catering and prepared/takout foods by Chef Menajem Peretz. Orders must be placed by noon on Thursday for Friday pick up. Pickup at the underground parking at Chabad of British Columbia.
Last Reported Active: Dec 29, 2022

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