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Las Vegas Jewish Community

Las Vegas Strip
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Orthodox Jews have been living in Las Vegas for some time now. The Jewish community continues to grow, despite the distance to the nearest large Jewish population center Los Angeles. Typically Jewish communities are found near major cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Recently many Jews have been drawn to Las Vegas for its low taxes, available kosher food, kosher restaurants, growing Jewish community, easy commuting, and most important Yeshivas and Jewish schools, all of which continue to expand.

Las Vegas Community Centers and Synagogues continue to expand along with their offerings, catering to Jews of all denominations. Chabad of Southern Nevada, Bet Yosef Community Center, Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas, and the Jewish Community Center of Southern Nevada, are much more than just community centers offering Jewish programs and services for Jews of all backgrounds. The Chabad, Bet Yosef, and Kollel have daily services and Shabat & holiday services. The growing communities boast a growing Eruv (required for carrying on the Shabat).

The Young Israel Aish of Las Vegas, a friendly and welcoming orthodox community, is centrally located next to affordable and luxury living as well as conveniences. The community is located inside of the Eruv (see map). Kosher shopping at Albertson's which has a large selection of packaged kosher is close enough to walk to, as are kosher restaurants. Commuting and driving in the Western parts of Las Vegas is relaxed and easy making traveling to other restaurants, communities, and schools convenient. For guests visiting the Young Israel or Las Vegas area for Shabbat or holidays, guests and visitors can stay at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, located nearby.

The Community Kollel Eruv has just nearly doubled in size, which will no doubt attract more people to that area. Visit Las Vegas Kollel Eruv page for more details and a map of the Eruv. Mikvahs can be found at Bet Yosef Community Center, Chabad of Southern Nevada, and Chabad of Summerlin.

Kosher food is a necessity of every Jewish community, and Las Vegas is no different. Just like many other growing communities, the community has teamed up with local supermarkets to carry Kosher. The Kosher Experience at Smith's is a Kosher Deli Counter. within the supermarket. Kosher meats, chicken, deli, as well as prepared foods are available and are supervised by the Va'ad HaKashrus of Las Vegas; the supermarket also carries a large selection of kosher packaged items. Albertsons Supermarket in Las Vegas has a large selection of Kosher packaged foods including packaged kosher meats. There's even a Costco, which is known to carry a large selection of Kosher items. Kosher restaurants have a growing community to serve as well as the Kosher tourists. Ariela's Pizza, Burnt Offerings, Haifa Restaurant, Hummus Vegas & Grill, Kosher Chinglish, ... and Mother Falafel are just some of the currently kosher certified restaurants in Las Vegas today.

Jewish schools are critical to every Jewish community where parents want their children to get a Jewish education, and in Las Vegas, they cover the full spectrum Sunday Schools like the Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas ; Jewish pre-schools like Shalom Baby at the JCC and Torah Tots and Bet Yossef Daycare/Preschool, Hebrew day schools like The Adelson Educational Campus, Desert Torah Academy, and Yeshiva's including Ateres Bnos Ita, an all-girl High School

Las Vegas has the McCarran International Airport as well as the smaller North Las Vegas Airport. There is a private airfield south of Vegas, the Henderson Executive Airport. Henderson just outside of Las Vegas is a short distance from Boulder City, which has a municipal airport as well. Highways include Interstate 15, 215, and 515. Besides the Vegas Strip, there are plenty of attractions catering to the tourist who visits the gambling capital of the U.S.

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