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MB Travel by Menny Brook 0
Keywords (click to search): Travel Agency
1820 NE 163rd St Ste 204
InternetGet Directions305 912 3359
Shomer Shabbos 
Description: Concierge travel for Israel or corporate travelers.
Last Reported Active: Sep 11, 2021
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Hirsh & Co - Dade 0
Keywords (click to search): Certified Public Accountant CPA
7990 SW 117th Ave Ste 203
InternetGet Directions305 595 7100

Description: Certified public accountants with offices in Broward and Dade Counties.
Last Reported Active: Sep 10, 2021
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T Design 0
Keywords (click to search): Interior Decorator
21332 W Dixie Hw
InternetGet Directions305 933 3001

Description: Interior designer Miriam Tabacinic, designs high-end homes, and houses of worship.
Last Reported Active: Sep 9, 2021
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Bambu Pan Asian Kitchen 0
Keywords (click to search): Asian CuisineChickenKosherPastaWraps
3427 NE 163rd St
InternetGet Directions305 974 4024
Shomer Shabbos 
Description: Takeout and delivery. Pan Asian Kitchen. Lots of chicken and noodle dishes. Located in the Century 21 King Realty Plaza

Kosher Certification LogoLarger Image Certified Kosher by: Kosher Miami

Last Reported Active: Sep 9, 2021
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Stellar Public Adjusting Services 0
Keywords (click to search): Insurance AdjusterInsurance Claims
2450 NE Miami Gardens Dr Ste 200
InternetGet Directions305 570 3519

Description: Public Adjuster in Miami. No recovery - no fee. Helps with insurance Claims. Additional Phone (305) 396-9110, (954) 376-6991, (561) 404-3069, (888) 987-8355. Rami Boaziz Lic #P175224.
Last Reported Active: Sep 9, 2021
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Upstream 0
Keywords (click to search): Social Media
100 NW 6 St
InternetGet Directions

Description: Website and app for networking founded by Alexander Taub and Michael Schonfeld. Similar to LinkedIn and BizFluence. Formally located in New York City. See also: Modern Mast Corporation.
Last Reported Active: Sep 1, 2021
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Malky Hankin Photography 0
Keywords (click to search): Children and Family PhotographyNewborn and Toddlers Photography
Missing Street Address.
Internet786 859 6770
Shomer Shabbos 
Description: Family photographer in Miami serving the Orthodox community.
Last Reported Active: Aug 26, 2021
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KosherDips 0
Keywords (click to search): KosherMoroccan CuisinePrepared Foods
909 NE 193rd Ter
InternetGet Directions516 304 4870
Shomer Shabbos 
Description: Closed for summer till Aug 22, 2021. Online only. Homemade Moroccan & Israeli dips. Eggplant, Roasted Peppers, Quinoa Sweet Potato in Maple, Mtboucha, Spicy Matboucha, Hilbe, Babaganoush, Tehina, more. Additional Phone (516) 304-0192.

Kosher Certification LogoLarger Image Certified Kosher by: KM Kosher Miami

Last Reported Active: Aug 26, 2021
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Travel Jew 0
Keywords (click to search): Jewish DirectoriesTravel
Missing Street Address.

Description: [Abandoned] Directory intended for travelers. Select City and category such as food, shul, mikvas, etc.
Last Reported Active: Aug 23, 2021
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South Dade Nursing & Rehabilitation Ctr 0
Keywords (click to search): Nursing Homes and Rehab Facilities
17475 S Dixie Hwy
InternetGet Directions305 255 1045

Description: Nursing and rehabilitation facility in Miami. See Ventura Services Florida, owner and managing corporation.
Last Reported Active: Aug 19, 2021
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Shell Shopper Miami 0
Keywords (click to search): Childrens ClothingWomens Clothing
Missing Street Address.
Internet786 546 2040
Shomer Shabbos 
Description: Women's shells, Ladies' & kids' outfits in Miami. Contact via Direct Message on Instagram.
Last Reported Active: Aug 12, 2021
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Paul Zuckerman, Realty Solutions Group 0
Keywords (click to search): Real Estate Agents and Agencies
4740 NW 7th Ave
Get Directions305 695 7700

Description: Real estate agent serving the Miami area.
Last Reported Active: Jul 30, 2021
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Web Marketing for Dentists 0
Keywords (click to search): Advertising/Marketing AgencyPay Per Click AdsWebsite Design and SEO
12000 Biscayne Blvd Ste 400
InternetGet Directions786 264 176

Description: Shoshana Jablon specializing in marketing for dentists. Additional Phone (305)-677-9151, (877) 661-5825
Last Reported Active: Jul 27, 2021
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AGM Silver/Aminov Jewelers 0
Keywords (click to search): Jewelry
26 NE 1st St
InternetGet Directions305 374 7770

Description: Men and women's gold and silver jewelry with precious stones. The jewelry store in Miami located inside of the International Jewelry Center
Last Reported Active: Jul 25, 2021
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Dr. Moshe Daniel Yatzkan 0
Keywords (click to search): DoctorsEmergency Medicine
11750 Bird Rd
Get Directions305 223 3000

Description: Emergency Medicine Specialist in Miami, Florida. Affiliated with Kendall Regional Medical Center. NPI #: 1992150460.
Last Reported Active: Jul 25, 2021
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MEP Florida 0
Keywords (click to search): Food Mfg. and DistributorsJuice BarKosher
300 NE 75th St Ste 108
InternetGet Directions786 759 6478

Description: Manufacturers of Cold-pressed juice for bars and restaurants.
Last Reported Active: Jul 24, 2021
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Ben B Coco 0
Keywords (click to search): ChocolatesConfectioners ShopGift Baskets
170 NW 26th St
Get Directions786 309 5566

Description: Confectioners shop in Miami specializing in chocolates,
Last Reported Active: Jul 24, 2021
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Hatemania 0
Keywords (click to search): KosherMeat RestaurantsYemenite Foods
19202 W Dixie Hwy
Get Directions786 802 3149

Description: Kosher. Yemenite menu. Formally Ruthy's Place a kosher-style restaurant.

Kosher Certification LogoLarger Image Certified Kosher by: ORB

Last Reported Active: Jul 24, 2021

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