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Advertising & Business Services

Ads on Boca Shuk

New!: Video ads (see the main page of BocaShuk). Video animation includes audio on demand (if the user requests it). Call for pricing. Available in 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and more. Not available on all pages yet, but will be very shortly.

The banner ads are served to the markets served by the advertisers. Your ad appears on the site's results page, control panel sign-in, and other pages. Your ad is the only ad that will appear, we only deliver one per page. On search results, and other pages both the top and bottom appear together, the top of the page (320 px x 72px) and the bottom (320px x 620px). The banner ad comes in two sizes, small for the head of the page, and tall for the bottom. On certain pages, the bottom banner appears by itself, because having both next to one another doesn't work. For additional features and bonuses, please call for more information.

Social Ads: We will post on a regular basis, ads to social networks your ads for FREE (included with the ads below, for those post we require a minimum 600 x 600 pixels or higher, up to 1200 x 1200 (square).

Small Jewish Communities (Boston, Cleveland, Tampa, etc.)
Monthly Fee:
$35.95, Annual Fee: $359.95 (16.6% savings)

Large Jewish Communities Cites (New York, Los Angeles, South Florida, etc.)
Monthly Fee:
$99.95, Annual Fee: $999.95 (16.6% savings)

N. America Listing + Local (All of North America and local)
Monthly Fee:
$179.85, Annual Fee: $1,798.95 (16.6% savings)

Featured Communities Ads:

Includes all of the above, plus your banner ads are the only ones that appear on the "featured community" of your choice. Great for real estate agents, mortgage brokers, movers, or contractors. Your ad owns that page exclusively.

Monthly Fee: $49.95, Annual Fee: $495.50 (16.6% savings)
Only your ad appears on the local community page.

Banner Ad Main Page: Make Offer.

Boca Shuk Services

Website domain monitoring and renewal reminder by phone and email.

Many websites go down for lots of different reasons, we will monitor your domain (sorry not available for social networking at this time) and should your website go down we will notify you so that you can contact your hositing company to get it back up and running. We will also remind you when it's time to renew your domain name by email and phone so that you don't lose your website name.

We will periodically check to make sure your Website, Google Business, and Social (Facebook & Instagram) business hours are in sync. If you have a restaurant we will also check the hours of sites you link to for ordering to make sure they are the same as well.

Visit our "Fixed" page and see how many listings that we corrected where the owner no longer owned their domain, after failing to renew. Scammers buy domain names that were owned by legitimate businesses, delivering inapproprite content, gambling, viruses, or scams to your viewers and customers. Don't let this happen to your business.

Monthly Fee: $5.95, Annual Fee: $59.50 (16.6% savings)

Website Monitoring plus Website Review

Includes the service above "Website Monitoring" plus we check your site regularly looking for broken plugins on WordPress sites, Google maps not working, contact forms not working, broken links to pages that no longer exisist, and much more. Service also includes checking your Google and Microsoft Bing business listings to make sure they are up to date.

Visit our "Fixed" to see some of the errors we have corrected on Google for listings.

Monthly Fee: $14.95, Annual Fee: $149.50 (16.6% savings)

Add BocaShuk's results on your website

Have results from BocaShuk appear on your website. Don't waste your time adding listings to your site, we can customize a result for you. Our listings are updated daily and we keep adding features all the time. We currelty list businesses that are kosher certified with the names and links to the certification. We also recently added business hours, so that people can see if the business is open before calling or visiting. Easch listing is date statmped with the last time it was cheeck and/or updated.

Annual Fee: $29.50. Setup Fee: FREE.

Additional Services Comming Soon.

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