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This site is optimized for the Smart Phone and can also be viewed on a desktop or portable computer. The reason we chose not to go with the App is privacy and security. Many APPs access your phone's GPS and other functions, coming through a browser makes it safer for the user. Many APPs work perfectly fine and don't have any issues, but unfortunately, some do. Consider that nearly all traffic today is on a mobile device, we decided to go for it on mobile. The nice part is that our site is clean and easy to use better in fact than many APPs. We can update all day without having to interrupt our guests.

Sign in screen top

Signing in is pretty straightforward. To enter Boca Shuk, you can sign in or get an invitation from a friend to sign in, there are two ways you can receive an invitation.

Signing in on your own is straight forward, you sign in, and have a code emailed to you to enter within seven days. Until the code is entered you have limited access to the site, you will see all of the classified and and listings. The limitations are any ads that allow communication through the website by email will not be available, you cannot enter any FREE business listings, and you cannot post any ads. This is because we need to verify that your email is legitimate, once you enter the code you have full access.

Tip: If you are experiencing any difficulties, please contact us here.

Password Failed

Our system does not actually record a password, that could pose a risk should our site were to be comprmised. Instead we store a formula based on the users password, which means if you forget your password, you are going to have to reset it. On the page that notifies you that your password fails there is an icon called "Password" (see image above). Visit our lost password page by clicking on the "Password" icon.

We will send you a link by email which contains a temporary code. Be careful when using it because once you activate the page the code is invalidated. You will be given the opportunity to enter a new password. Once you have entered that new password, you are good to go.

Main Page

After the welcome screen, the first page is the MAIN PAGE of Boca Shuk. From here you can reach just about anywhere else.

You will notice the headline "Newest Classifieds Young Israel of Woodmere...", that will change to each person's community automatically. The five newest classified ads are listed just below. But just as important is the blue box with three alternative search options (this too changes based on community. In the case of Woodmere, New York, it is part of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway and there are many other examples where the Jewish community doesn't stop at the city border. So we've created associated or nearby communities to make it easier to find and sell to more people in YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITIES. Not shown is an example like Brooklyn, New York, where neighborhoods are quite far from each other we give the option of selecting places like Flatbush, Boro Park, or Crown Heights to limit the number of results and present relevant ads.

Main Screen part 2

Following the five newest listings in your community, If there are more than 5 current listings a button appears to view the rest. You can then choose to view within your community only by category and oldest ads versus newest ads.

Main Screen Pt 2

The MAIN PAGE has links to option searches, see the tab above "Searching in your community..." followed by the most recent classified ads in your community. If there are more than 5 current listings a button appears to view the rest. You can then choose to view by category and oldest ads versus newest ads.

Below the recent classified ads is a button to search for FREE listings from our members listing businesses, synagogues, schools, and more.

THE BLUE TABS contain: a listing of current available categories, current list on communities within your state, and classified categories available to Jewish organizations and non-profits.

On the bottom of the MAIN PAGE are links to INVITE A FRIEND, USER SETTINGS, PLACE AN AD, CONTACT Boca Shuk, ADD A free LISTING, SIGN OUT, or this page, HELP.

Invite a Friend... Go ahead and invite a friend to join Boca Shuk, only people with invitations can gain access to this site. We offer the option of a single email to a friend or colleague, or creating a code for a group of friends. The code can be placed into an email or can be shared on social networking. The code is active for seven days, and after that it expires. If you invite one person, once they sign in they have access to the entire site. If you choose the GROUP option, after signing in they will be sent an email with a code that verifies the email address they entered is legitimate and they will have full access to the site as well.

Settings... There is a tab below that goes into detail about this part of Boca Shuk. Basically you can edit your preferences, even select another community, edit any active ads you placed, and edit your FREE BUSINESS listing.

Place an Ad... Please see above "How do I post a classified ad?"

Contact... Use this link to contact Boca Shuk regarding any questions or issues you may have or if you would like to notify us of a problem with any of the ads or FREE BUSINESS LISTINGS.

Add a listing... Go ahead and add a free business listing. Choose from the categories or select none and we'll create a category for you. Include the business name, website, and other information. Listings are sporadically placed on pages to highlight Boca Shuk members businesses.

Sign Out... Exit the site. Closing the browser window will have the same effect. We do not use cookies to track you, so once you leave you're signed out.

Help Page... This page. Keep visiting we keep on adding to it regularly.

Free Listings

All business listings are free to registered users. Random listings are shown throughout the site with a featured section that allows search by category and city. Free listings can be added by users who have authenticated their email and are no longer Temporary users.

Users can report corrections to listings as well as give a referral. BocaShuk does not use a star rating which in many cases is used to punish listings on some site. Either you refer a listing or you don't. If at any time you'd like to revoke your referral you may do so on the User Settings page (see next tab).

Listings contain business name, and have links to Google and Auto Dial for easy access to our listings. On some pages the listing also contains a brief description of the business. Request ownership of your listing and you can edit your information, and include offers on the your listing.

Now registered users can take control of their listings on BocaShuk, updating information and changing the description for events and holidays. Go ahead update your listing, change the category, update the description to make it more relevant. This can be found under the user settings page, which allows removing recommendation (we don't allow negative reviews), updating a classified ad, and now your business listing. See the next tab - "User Settings."

Community SearchSearch by community. You can narrow results by searching within your community and can narrow your results even further by selecting a category.

City SearchIn some cases it's easier to search by city, and we offer that option as well. Select a city and narrow your results even further by selecting a category.

Alphabetical SearchLooking for a specific business search by alphabetical search. Narrow results by choosing the first letter of the listings name.

Learn about business referrals, forget 5-Star reviews.

See some of the fixes we've made on other sites.

Settings Icon

User settings (see below and bottom of this tab) is the users control of all of their actions on BocaShuk.

Settings 1

The first section deals with the user's name, community (this is where you can change your community) and other personal preferences.

The second section is for keeping track of all of your "Listing's Referrals", and should you want to, you can remove an individual referral from a listing. This action cannot be undone.

Section three is if you added a business listing to the "Free Business Listings" you have the ability to make updates and changes, please note every change sends the listing back for review before it is posted.

Section four is where you can view and edit your Classified Ads. Please note any change to the ad sends the ad back for review.

Settings 2

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