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About Boca Shuk

Boca Shuk was conceived during the Corona Virus when people were no longer shaking hands, and social gathering is not a good idea. The basic idea of the Classifieds is to allow communities to offer items to one another FREE, however, feel free to make a charitable donation for a successful sale.

All classified ads are free. Please give what you can to your local synagogue, there are truly people in need.

When searching for a classified ad, you are given the option of either searching by your community, or the entire city, great for small and large communities.

All ads are reviewed before posting, and we ask that when posting to take into consideration that this is a family and community site.

If you enjoy the site and would like your friends to join, you can invite just one friend through our system or if you like to generate a code for all of your friends, which you can share on Facebook Messenger or via Email.

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What Can I offer in the Classified Ads?

Boca Shuk is about communities. In that vein, we have made classified ads FREE encouraging sharing and offering to help others in your city and community.

So go ahead and offer driving for the elderly or less fortunate, picking up medicine or dropping them off at the airport. Do you have children's toys you're not using just taking up shelf space? Go ahead and offer it to your neighbors. Do you have Jewish books that are more ornamental than used, perhaps someone else can take advantage of them?

And of course, if you have something you'd like to part with for a fee, go ahead. The nice part is you can add an image to help sell the product of service.

For small to medium businesses, our FREE member directory allows "LISTINGS" will enable you to add your business for free. If you'd like to advertise, contact us, the rates are affordable and realistic.

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Buying locally from businesses and professionals in your community...priceless!

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