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Job Posted: Mar 16, 2023

Jobs at BocaShukJob ID: 10054
Title of Job: Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Compensation: $250,000 - $275,000/year
Type: Full Time
Location: Brooklyn, NY

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Industry: Healthcare

About this Job: The  Chief Operating Officer oversees all sales and operations issues within the organization. Develops teams within the organization to execute the company’s sales and operational objectives. Design and deliver solutions to the President, Vice President, and other stakeholders in the organization that improves the organization's profitability and operational efficiency.

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or health related field; Master’s degree preferred
  • A minimum of 5 years in an executive level management role within the healthcare industry
  • Proven success in leading sales and operations teams to attain company financial goals and objectives
  • Must be able to direct, coach and mentor the growth and success of a sales and operations team of 5-10 direct reports
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage employee, vendor and customer relationships
  • Proven problem solving and decision making skills
  • Team-oriented and inspirational leader; takes initiative and leads by example
  • Effective communicator with all levels, from D, V, and C-level management to entry-level employees
  • Flexibility to quickly adapt to business need and/or industry changes Strong project management and organizational skill
  • Please send your resume to and reference "Job Gemach. Chief Operating Officer, Brooklyn, NY."

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    Industry: IT Services/Cybersecurity

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    About this Job: An IT Services/Cybersecurity firm is seeking an experienced COO. This position will oversee operations, efficient, and expansion efforts. Responsibilities:

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