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Job Posted: Jan 25, 2023

Jobs at BocaShukJob ID: 1312
Title of Job: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Compensation: Based on Experience
Type: Full Time
Location: Jackson, NJ

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Company Name: DMZ Global
Industry: Fiber Optic Communications

About this Job: Established Jackson NJ, distribution enterprise seeking junior CFO to join the upper management team. Responsibilities include overseeing financial operations and performance management. 

Strong accounting skills and business acumen are necessary. Willing to train on current systems.

Enjoy a beautiful office setting with a supportive team and positive atmosphere. If growth potential is critical, look no further—extreme advancement and growth potential for the right candidate. 

Please email your resume to and reference "Job Gemach. CFO, Jackson, NJ".

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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) IN Jackson.

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