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No App Required - Privacy Should Matter

You don't need an app for most activities, especially dynamic content that is being updated regularly. So why do most websites and companies produce apps? Simple, so they can track and record what the user does and sell that information or use if for advertising. Some apps do run independently, for instance, the Siddur (prayer book), or Tehilim (Psalms) because they aren't changing, however, directories and search Apps have only one purpose, to track the user and record their actions. Some Apps record your activity even when you're not using them.

Boca Shuk's Answer

Shortcuts. On desktops, tablets, and mobile devices "Shortcuts" appear and link to a website instead of requring an App. A small icon with a link to the website or page instead of a fully functioning application that tracks your every move. And your browsers privacy setting and preferences dictate what if any information you share. Boca Shuk does not record your location or  your mobile phone number.

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